X International Scientific Conference Functional Basis Of Nanoelectronics


September 16 - September 21, 2019, Odesa, Ukraine

To participate in the conference are invited: scientists, experts, specialists, graduate students, representatives of enterprises of all forms of ownership, educational institutions, academic institutions of Ukraine and abroad.

Scientific directions of the conference:

  • Physics and Theory of Nanostructures for Electronics;
  • Electrodynamics and nanoelectronics of the THz range;
  • Metamaterials and their application of the THz and GHz nanoelectronics ranges;
  • Methods of formation, diagnosis and research of nanostructures;
  • Mathematical modeling in nanoelectronics;
  • Nanoelectronic sensors and information systems. Nanoelectronic sensors for bio-engineering;
  • Magnetic nano- and meta-structures of the GHz and THz electronics;
  • MEMS and NEMS in electronics;
  • Nanophotonics. Processes, structures and devices;
  • Nonlinear processes in artificial media / metamaterials and devices based on them.

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