PUM Netherlands Senior Experts

The programme of PUM Netherlands Senior Experts is carried out by an independent Dutch organisation, the goal of which is consultancy support to small and medium businesses and institutions of various forms of ownership and types of activity. 

Highly qualified specialists work in the organisation on voluntary basis. They have many years of professional experience in practically all fields of economic and social activity: agriculture, trade, industry, healthcare, private, public and state management sectors. 

PUM exists for more than 30 years; more than 3000 experts perform about 2500 missions all over the world annually. PUM provides a diverse package of services and know-how, for example, consultancy on technical problems, financial management, organisation of production, company restructuring and staff policy, consultancy support in the sphere of management, marketing, search for partners in Holland, and also in many other sectors. The senior-experts of PUM could act as intermediaries in acquiring high quality and cheap equipment, such as sewing machines, bakery equipment, motor-cars etc. On demand of companies, PUM experts conduct seminars and trainings on the most urgent problems of entrepreneurial and public activity. 

Besides the above, PUM runs the "Business Link" programme, within which it organizes trips for PUM customers, who want to study closer Netherlands' opportunities for commercial activity of their enterprises. In the case a PUM advisor comes to a conclusion that a trip of his or her customer to the Netherlands could results to a success of the customer's company, the advisor can make a proposal about organisation of such a trip within the "Business Link" programme. The PUM advisor provides preparation and realization of the programme and accompanies the visitor. PUM covers some costs of the visitor's stay in Holland (transportation and accommodation). In the long run, the company starts to cooperate with Dutch companies directly, without PUM mediation. 

In some cases, the management of the companies, in which PUM consultants worked, receive a possibility to get training in the Netherlands and get acquainted with operation of Dutch firms. The goal of the practical training is to apply acquired knowledge for solutions of the problems the company faces. Applications for participation in the practical training could be submitted by an advisor only after completion of his or her mission in the company. Practical training could last from 1 to 6 weeks. The Dutch programme covers costs of transportation and accommodation and also helps to obtain a Dutch visa. 

Dutch advisors provide their services free of charge. But they have to be provided with accommodation, meals, office equipment and vehicles with driver for local trips. 

In order to take part in the PUM programme, one has to submit an application with required information about the company, its problems and a desired date of visit of a Dutch expert.