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BIZPRO project

The BizPro project, financed by the US Agency for International Development, was developed for rendering long-term assistance to small and medium enterprises with the with the purpose of their growth and development and, finally, for increase of their contribution into economic development of Ukraine.

In order to acieve that goal, the Project envisages performance of a number of innovation programmes and tasks:
  • Information service "Hot line for entrepreneurs" provides entrepreneurs with a possibility to receive answers to questions that have to do with legal and regulatory aspects of entreprenerial activity and decisions of local authorities, which influence their activity;

  • Business training programme, which would allow small business representatives to pass training and raise their professional skills with the use of vouchers (discount coupons), which cover a part of training costs;

  • Coalition of protection of rights and lobbying of interests of entrepreneurs: BizPro helps NGOs to develop and realise means of protection of rights and lobbying of interests of entrepreneurs, find solutions for legal and regulatory problems that hinder development of private entrepreneurship;

  • Consultancy-methodical support for business associations: the goal of the programme is to improve quality of services and goods, establish efficient and professional operation of associations and strengthen their abilities in helping their members by means of protecting their rights and lobbying their interests;

  • Programme of a regulatory reform in the regions of Ukraine, the goal of which is attraction of representatives of local authorities to an active dialogue and co-operation on the issues of realisation of reforms;

  • Partnership programme: the goal of the programme is to expand consultancy and information resources for novice entrepreneurs;

  • Programme of trainings for business associations.

The Project is expected to produce the following results:
  • Improve management activity of small and medium enterprises by means of providing them with a wider access to business trainings and business information, which are required for their development and growth;

  • improve quality and expand a range of services, rendered to entrepreneurs by organisations that provide business services;

  • improve efficiency of representation of interests of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the bodies of state authority.

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