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Specialists of the Center together with faculty, consultants and experts have developed and issued the following publications:

Small Business. The book gives information about the main principles of organisation and operation of small business. The book is intended for entrepreneurs of small business and for those, who plan to start business activity.

Modern Innovation Structures and Commercialisation of Science. This joint publication, developed by the "Kharkov Technologies" Center together with the "Paton Institute of Electric Welding" Technopark, considers issues of innovation activity, its form and contents. It contains extensive information on activity of modern innovation structures of various types, based on the world practice. The book is intended for scientists, faculty members, students, entrepreneurs and those, who want to get acquainted with the modern experience of innovation activity in the field of high technologies.

How to Sell Technologies. The book considers various schemes of technology transfer, describes the structure and operation of the technology market, and gives basic methods of technology pricing. The book is intended for scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and technicians - all those, who deal with technology transfer.

ISC Technopark. The brochure contains information about specific features of innovation and investment activity of the "Institute for Single Crystals" Technopark, about priority directions of the Technopark activity, and also about the procedure of consideration and conditions of carrying out investment and innovation projects.

Technological Parks of Ukraine. The book informs readers about technological parks of Ukraine, established within the Law on special regime of investment and innovation activity of technological parks. It contains a list of innovation and investment projects, carried out by its participants. It also contains the legislative base of the technopark activity.

Technological Parks of Ukraine. Second edition. The book contains additional information on new Ukrainian technoparks, founded in 2002. It includes summaries of innovation and investment projects, realised by participants of all acting technoparks. The book is intended for scientists, investors, and specialists in the field of innovation activity from various countries and contains information in three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

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