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October 2012


The biggest app camp in the Balkans

Under the initiative of ECAbit (Eastern European and Central Asian Business Incubators and Technology Parks Network, Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Foundation will organize a three day event, "Mobile AppCamp", where developers and mobile start-ups by exploring the benefits of working in multicultural teams and under intensive mentorship by domestic and foreign experts, will develop commercial mobile applications with a potential for successful penetration on the global market.

The goal of the initiative is to position the event as regular service that accelerates the growth of start-ups within the ECAbit network and at the same time will speed the innovation process of generating new products and services that will be of assistance to other start-ups from other sectors.

The competitive difference of the camp is the comprehensive program delivered by worldwide known experts and mentors that will shape the business model of the mobile applications during 72 hours, by addressing the burning issues of market research, investment readiness, multicultural skills and intellectual property during the process.

Finnaly, the aim of the project is to develop and strengthen the economic and technological ties between the Balkan countries and the highly developed European countries in the area of mobile applications and businesses.


The project has a direct contribution towards:

  • Accelerating innovation in the field of mobile technology,
  • Providing opportunities for accelerated growth of businesses related with developing mobile applications,
  • Overcoming barriers for achieving multinational and multicultural partnerships,
  • Establishing a network of international mentors, experts and managers for providing continued support for further development of the businesses created during the Camp, and
  • Accelerating Macedonias integration with the developed countries in the area of information society and sync with the global trends in mobile technologies.

The structure of the three-day camp is composed of two parts:

  1. Capacity development program for the participants that will develop mobile applications, which will cover key topics for achieving success, such as commercialization of innovations and investment readiness. The goal of the program is developing specific entrepreneurial skills useful for defining the components that will transform the mobile application into start-up business with potential for global growth and development.
  2. Developing mobile applications with the help of experienced senior mobile developers and business experts with global market penetration strategy. At the end of the event the best mobile applications will be awarded for the purpose of advancing regional and global market impact. A panel consisted of local and foreign speakers (relevant experts, business representatives, entrepreneurs) and mentors will work intensively with the participants in order to define a successful model for a "mobile business".

"Mobile AppCamp" will be organized in Skopje, from 30 November to 02 December. For more information please visit


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